TRIBE Canary Wharf

A unique opportunity arose when a hotel in Canary Wharf found itself with no international channels due to expanding buildings blocking their satellite path, contravening brand standards, we received a call asking how the hotel could go about receiving the missing international channels.

We discussed many options with the hotel including our new United TV ( service which specialises in delivering IP TV channels direct to hotels. In this instance the IP delivery was not deemed a suitable solution, so we suggested utilising their existing smart TV estate with Airtime – which of course carries 6 LIVE international channels at NO cost to the hotel.

The GM was delighted with this solution and had the added bonus of being able to provide their guests with over 200 of the latest movies on demand.

Working with the systems integrator, Airwave Europe, Techlive were able to put in place a POC in the staff area and adjust the user interface to accommodate the solution. Once approved, the roll out was extremely simple with the existing Samsung TV estate utilising Uniguest middleware.

All the TVs in place already had Airtime pre-loaded and it was simply a case of activating the service for the hotel. All of this was done remotely and after just a few Teams calls the hotel had the solution in place in all of their 312 guest bedrooms.

A problem solved at no cost to the hotel, meaning they stay within brand standards, and also offer a premium in-room service which has been greatly appreciated by the guests.