Techlive release Airtime version 5

Techlive are proud to present the latest version of Airtime which brings the solution a new look facelift, additional content, more flexible usability, greater deployment security and enhanced content protection.

Airtime has been a fantastic success with 40k rooms deployed around the world – gracing some of the most prestigious hotels in the world including the Cap Eden Roc in France and the Peninsula Hong Kong.  The rise of Airtime has been exponential, the service adds a Premium in-room service for no cost and can even be offered as a free to guest service also.

The service is now over 6 years old and streaming technology has massively come to the forefront, particularly during the Covid period.  The interface was originally designed to imitate the standard guest user interface provided on mainstream solutions.  We feel a more familiar interface to popular consumer services would be a natural progression, allowing us to showcase our unique content of Premium Hollywood movies, available with multiple language support and before standard consumer release.

The fundamental architecture of Airtime has been redeveloped to make the menus more flexible to manage.  This means better content presentation – bringing Airtime in-line with other popular consumer facing streaming applications.

We have also added a large portfolio of Wellness and Lifestyle content from market leaders MyZen, enabling guests and patients to take part in simple yoga, pilates and meditation routines from within the confines of their room.

Along with this we have added a traveller’s section which takes the viewer on an exclusive tour of some of the world’s most fascinating places.

Additionally, we have carried over the Global Fashion Channel content and added some additional great features in this section.

With the new interface the content journey is now much more flexible, and we hope to bring you greater on-demand content soon along with additional premium live broadcasts.

Encryption Protocols

Delivering the content as seamlessly to the guests as possible is the primary objective of Airtime, whilst doing this we have a duty of protection to the content providers and have enhanced our Digital Rights Management protocol to the latest supported versions.

Unfortunately, this has meant that Airtime has had to take the difficult decision to no longer support some devices within the market that were previously able to enjoy Airtime, in particular the LG STB 5500 and the LG models prior to WebOS 5.0 (although models WebOS 3.7 – 5.0 can be side-loaded)

New Platforms

Airtime is excited to extend its platform portfolio to include Apple and Airtime now available on tvOS devices on an exclusive Free-To-Guest Basis

New Device Management

We have reviewed our entire infrastructure of device management and as such have made a fundamental change to how devices are activated.

We have listened to our partners and have made the activation process a lot quicker and can even be deployed without visiting a single room.

Previously, Airtime needed a manual intervention from the user which required a 4-digit PIN.  The new version of Airtime hopefully decreases the time required in-room for each installer

There are two methods of activation of Airtime:

  • Remote – automatic enrolment
  • On-site- activation request method

When airtime is installed at a contracted property, each TV on the account needs to be activated.  This process uniquely ties the individual television with the airtime account and creating the unique Device ID which can be used to track usage.

Each of the two methods above a reliant on the Airtime application being installed on the TV estate.

Further details of the process can be found at

This new version will give Techlive the platform to bring your guest and integrator an even greater experience of Premium content with no subscription, no cost, no special SI agreements, and no required PMS infrastructure.