Apple Pay arrives on Airtime!

Ever innovating, Airtime has now added Apple Pay and Google Pay functionality along with a slick new payment gateway provided direct to a guests mobile device.

On launch Airtime was the first hospitality VOD solution that gave guests the option to pay direct without any PMS requirements, guests would pay through the TV application entering their card details on screen. Fully protected and PCI compliant this method worked well, but we listened to feedback and users wanted that extra security of using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Since Sep 2016 there has been 656% increase Apple Pay, growing more than 65 million users in 2020 in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic

We have now put in place a joined-up user experience, synchronising the airtime in-room application with the guests’ personal device for payment processing, negating the requirement to divulge any personal details on anything other than their own device.

Airtime continues to support major debit and credit cards and international currencies.

Scanning a QR code on the TV creates a unique, time limited token, taking the guest to a payment gateway. Upon successful payment the token is returned to the TV and the movie is ready to start, the whole process takes just a few seconds

Seamless and Secure.