Image of the new quest New Zealand hotel.

Airtime’s Quest to New Zealand.

Airtime has landed in NZ after being handpicked by Quest hotels to provide unbeatable content to their guests. Partnering with the AV giant Westan, Airtime is now streaming the latest and greatest content. Additionally, Airtime is partnered with Paramount, Universal, Disney, Marvel, Direct Streams, and DreamWorks. As a result, Airtime is able to stream first-class content such as Kajillionaire, Black Panther, and Frozen II. Furthermore, due to Airtime’s longstanding partnership with Philips Hospitality manufacturers, all 202 number of Quest Hotel rooms were upgraded seamlessly.

This breakthrough partnership means that Airtime has now landed in 21 countries in 2021!

As for Quest hotels, the popular hotel chain is now set to launch seven new locations across New Zealand between July 2021 and July 2022. These hotel additions will take their portfolio to 42 in New Zealand and 177 worldwide. This expansion during unprecedented times, suggests that the employment of Quest hotels is only set to rise. Airtime’s quest now continues to grow in New Zealand, alongside our partners.

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