Otrum Mirage and Airtime - Filly cloud based system

What if you didn’t have to use servers anymore?…

Since the digital era, the hospitality industry has been bound by copy and paste digital interface designs and inflexible VOD servers. Costly, outdated, and stagnant are often the thoughts that come to mind when hoteliers think of their current digital systems. However, imagine a world where the only piece of kit your hotel needs is a smart TV/ device. The arrival of the Otrum Mirage in partnership with Airtime means not only is this possible but it can also be delivered to you today.

“Otrum and Techlive have exactly the same goal for our clients; A hassle-free, secure and robust platform to increase guest satisfaction. Mirage and Airtime both deliver on this goal. Providing a 100% cloud-powered integrated platform and guaranteeing an improved stay for the guest”

– Nigel Bateson, Otrum

The first true cloud-based system with the latest SaaS (Software as a Service), Otrum Mirage allows hoteliers to finally enjoy their content management systems. This sleek new operation allows hotels to fully customize their digital interfaces. resulting in hoteliers’ ability to personalize their digital in-room presence. This includes placement of logos, most used apps, and more, without any limits. As a result, hotels can offer their guests a truly unique stay, not just as a one-design fits all but an opportunity to tailor the digital interface of every room.

Otrum Mirage has teamed up with Airtime, to deliver a 100% cloud-based (and cloud installed) system. With Mirage taking care of the look of your interfaces, Airtime delivers blockbuster content. Activated, updated, and streamed through your local network, you can now move away from dust gathering servers. Both Airtime and Mirage are compatible with most LG, Philips, and Samsung hospitality TVs. The most you have to do is set up your free demo. Upon installation, your guests will be able to use Airtime to stream Live TV channels (at no cost), tv programs, and movies. Primarily accessing content from studios such as Fox, Paramount, Universal, Disney, Marvel, PIXAR, DreamWorks, and Search Light. Furthermore, Airtime hosts content for all ages and genres. Subsequently, each and every guest will always find something to watch.

Reduce the time you spend on managing your systems and upgrade to Otrum Mirage with Airtime. To deliver an effective and dynamic digital experience for your guests. An additional advantage of cloud technology is the optimum uptime of the service which means less onsite maintenance and seamless system updates.

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