New Site Information Submission

The information provided below will be used in the final agreement and must be accurate at the time of submission.

The final Service Supply Agreement is required to enable us to legally serve your property with the content which can be accessed by airtime.

Recipient Information

Please enter hotel name or trading name
Address of where the Airtime service will be deployed
Representative of hotel or hospital
Contact name of representative or hotel
VAT of the company to be invoiced - only required for Complimentary Service

Deployment Details

Proposed start date of the Airtime service
Initial term period
renewal term period
Amount of Hotel Rooms at this site
Amount of TVs to be deployed at this site
Please give details on the TVs being used to deliver Airtime
Please enter the middleware being deployed

Content Package

Make content bundles free to the guest? *
Selecting Free to guest make the service chargeable to the hotel on a per room per month basis
Hollywood Package
Latest releases and library content from Universal, Paramount, Dreamworks and others
Disney Package
Latest releases and library content from Disney including Pixar, Marvel and 20th Century Studios
Lifestyle Package
Lifestyle content includes documentaries, pilates and yoga workouts, and wellness content
Channel Package
5 Live international news channels
Adult Package
If this package is not selected there will be no evidence of adult material on the Airtime service
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